December 6, 2016 | Liz Austin

From rundown repair facility to LEED-certified service center, here’s how Green Street transformed the Green Park Broadway location.

Before it became Green Park Broadway, Green Street’s newest project site was dangerously dilapidated and badly in need of reconstruction. The former site of a streetcar repair facility, this lot was frequently vacant, in large part due to its outdated design. The surrounding area, unfortunately, was in similar shape — with a shortage of commercial activity, the neighborhood itself was falling into disrepair.

Whereas some companies might have balked at the prospect of such a daunting redevelopment project, Green Street saw the neglected lot as an exciting opportunity not only to construct an eco-friendly building, but to revitalize the neighborhood itself. Here are the steps we took to turn our vision for Green Park Broadway into an LEED-certified reality.

Reinventing Green Park Broadway

When Green Street set out to revive the lot that now houses Green Park Broadway, we certainly had our work cut out for us. With a commitment to environmental sustainability paramount to our company’s mission, the first question we asked ourselves was: what could we do to make this renovation as green as possible?

With that in mind, Green Park Broadway was built with environmentally sustainable practices and materials, while reusing as much of the original structure as possible. The building is water efficient, in proximity to public transportation, and takes advantage of natural light to avoid overuse of electricity. Thanks to our sustainability expertise (and our generous investors!), the building was granted LEED Gold certification.

Working With Amazing Partners

Today, Green Park Broadway is home to two incredible companies. Raben Tire, which is one of the biggest truck tire and service companies in the Midwest, boasts more than 25 locations, and we’re proud to house their St. Louis office. The second tenant, Goedecke Equipment Company, is a construction industry leader with six locations across the Midwest, specializing in construction equipment and engineered products.

It’s thanks to both of these thriving businesses that we have been able to create such positive change not only on our lot, but in the surrounding community.

Catalyzing Redevelopment in the Community

How can one development have such a significant impact on the surrounding community? For starters, construction on Green Park Broadway generated more than 100 temporary jobs, culminating in the creation of 40 new permanent jobs in the neighborhood. With our wonderful tenants providing employment opportunities and goods and services to a previously underserved area of St. Louis, Green Street is thrilled to do our part to catalyze commercial growth in the North Riverfront Business Corridor.

As far as the future is concerned, we’re actively seeking out new ways to create positive change in this area of St. Louis. Alongside Green Park Broadway, we’ve also headed up the development of a Love’s Truck Stop at Interstate 70 and North Broadway. To each and every project, in the North Riverfront Business Corridor and beyond, we bring our passion for redeveloping existing structures into state-of-the-art, eco-friendly facilities.

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