December 1, 2016 | Liz Austin

Here’s how Green Street helped Urban Chestnut Brewing Company grow their business while staying green.

For those who love local St. Louis beer and bavarian pretzels, Urban Chestnut Grove Brewery & Bierhall is an absolute must-visit. But the menu isn’t the only thing that sets Urban Chestnut apart from its competition. In fact, it wasn’t until Urban Chestnut Brewing Company (UCBC) invested in a new, innovative space that they began to see their business really take off.

After partnering with Green Street, the five-year-old startup was able to move into 4465 Manchester Road, a 70,000 square foot property that gave UCBC the room they needed to grow. Since the move, production has increased to 15,000 barrels per year with the potential to skyrocket to 100,000 barrels per year — not bad for a newly established startup.

From Paper Company to Production Facility

Of course, 4465 Manchester Road wasn’t always a brewing facility. Originally the home of the Renard Paper Co. warehouse, Green Street saw the opportunity to transform the building into one of the only LEED-certified breweries in the country. After approaching UCBC with the idea, a partnership was struck, and Green Street began work on the renovations.

Because our sights were set on LEED certification, we made sure that everything was developed with ecological impact in mind. Green Street retained 100% of the original building structure, but made some major changes to the interior — the inclusion of a glass curtain wall, for instance, which lets in natural light while giving curious customers a peek at how their craft beers are brewed and bottled.

Post-construction, the building is almost unrecognizable — what was once a paper company’s headquarters is now a multi-use structure that includes spaces for retail, bottling, and warehouse use, alongside a brewery and UCBC’s famous Bierhall. With capacity for 450 occupants, the Bierhall may be the most visible part of UCBC’s operation, but it’s the entire facility at 4465 Manchester Road that allows them to run such a smooth and profitable business.

Giving Back to the Community

Not only is Urban Chestnut Grove Brewery & Bierhall among the largest craft breweries in St. Louis — it also maintains a vested interest in community impact. Part of the reason that Green Street’s partnership with UCBC has worked so well is that we share similar values as an organization — particularly when it comes to being good neighbors locally, and good citizens globally.

In the case of Green Street’s collaboration with UCBC, part of that positive impact comes in the form of our LEED Silver-certified building, which allows the company to brew and serve beers while making the smallest environmental impact possible. Between 97% use of ENERGY STAR equipment and a 36% reduction in water usage, we’ve done everything in our power to ensure that UCBC has the tools they need to run a green business.

But LEED certification isn’t the only distinction that this exceptional project has earned. In 2015, we received the Governor’s Metropolitan Community/Redevelopment Project of the Year Award, which recognizes redevelopment projects that demonstrate a significant impact on a metropolitan community.

awardIn this case, the project catalyzed a renewed interest in the now emerging Grove neighborhood. Between the 50 new full- and part-time jobs this project created and UCBC’s own “Urban Efforts,” the development at 4465 Manchester Road is sure to have a positive effect on the surrounding community for years to come. Green Street is proud to have partnered with such a conscientious company, and looks forward to helping UCBC expand their venture in the most socially and ecologically responsible way possible.

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