December 8, 2016 | Liz Austin

Food manufacturer Arcobasso finds a new level of efficiency, thanks to Green Street St. Louis.

From a former Pillsbury bakery to an innovative and dynamic food production hub, Green Street St. Louis has given new life to an outdated facility in north St. Louis County.

Arcobasso and Nature’s Bakery

Through a multitude cutting edge, industry-specific upgrades, we’ve created a fresh start for sauce and dressing manufacturer Arcobasso Foods, as the brand consolidated production from a variety of locations into their new, singular facility.

Arcobasso initially invested approximately $1.5 million in its new production facility, and the company continues to look for ways to develop its thriving business. Not only does the consolidation of its production processes into one location allow the company to operate more efficiently — it also allows for increased visibility between various, previously disparate parts of the production timeline. The culinary staff, which now enjoys access to triple the workspace of their previous facilities, can see their ideas and inventions transform into finished products under one roof before being shipped all around the country.

Alongside Arcobasso, the building also now houses Nature’s Bakery, which benefitted greatly from the facility’s existing infrastructure. After the company won a bid to purchase Theodoro’s Bakery, which had occupied the space after Pillsbury’s departure, Green Street helped them to expand the space, equipping it with the high ceilings, shipping facilities and transportation access Nature’s Bakery needed to further grow their brand.

Safe, Sustainable Design

The food production industry has clearly taken notice of Green Street’s and Arcobasso’s commitment to high quality and attention to detail, as the company’s new location was recently awarded Level 2 SQF Certification. This certification addresses all biological, chemical and physical hazards that consumers’ products may encounter from the raw material stage all the way through consumption, ensuring that food products have been handled according to the highest standards.

As with all Green Street projects, sustainability played a huge role, as we recognize that conscientious building practices and meticulous planning are the keys to unlocking untapped company potential and future growth. Arcobasso’s consolidation to a single production facility from multiple locations is just one example; when businesses increase the efficiency of their production processes, they’re saving a significant amount of energy, transportation and wasted space. Of course, there’s also the added bonus of increased output and reduced costs.

According to Arcobasso, their estimated production capacity has increased by 17 times thanks to the move. The new space has allowed their teams to work together with greater ease, and has resulted in the creation of a greater variety — and greater total number — of products on the market. In addition, the improved facility now allows for more product customization, accommodation of special orders, and the ability to offer a variety of packaging options, including plastic, glass and more.

Arcobasso has long sought after a simple goal: possessing the agility to adapt to consumers’ individual needs, while simultaneously offering a superior product. The new facility, says President Pat Newsham, allows them to do so.

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