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What Is Tech-Enabled Office Space?

With industry-specific rentals and a wealth of professional expertise, Green Street provides its tenants with much more than just an office space.

With the staggering amount of work (and stress) that goes into launching a company, finding an office can often be something of an afterthought. But for burgeoning businesses that are ready to graduate from an incubator and invest in their own, permanent space, it pays to buy into more than just a building. That’s where full-service development companies like Green Street come in.

Founded in St. Louis in 2008, Green Street is committed to two things: sustainable LEED-certified development, and providing the best possible service and experience for its clients, both in the short- and long-term. Most real estate agents consider their job done after handing over the keys; but at Green Street, we aim to build lasting partnerships with our clients, continuously providing the best resources for growing companies and the phenomenal employees that fuel them. Our buildings aren’t just workspaces — they’re creative communities, supported by Green Street’s staff and sustained by our innovative clients.

The Benefits of Tech-Enabled Spaces

It’s one thing to know what’s best for your company today — but what about 10 years down the line? Because Green Street prides itself on helping its partners move forward, we’re always looking for opportunities to help them prepare for the future. It was this aim that spurred us to purchase and modify 2351 Market Street, a space that will provide tech-reliant companies like Avatara the infrastructure they need to succeed today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Because the building previously housed A.G. Edwards prior to their acquisition by Wells Fargo, there was already a great deal of high-tech infrastructure in place — the kind you wouldn’t find in a typical office building. As Avatara told EQ, they weren’t just interested in renting a large space — they also needed “access to connectivity and…huge amounts of bandwidth.” Once Green Street had completed the renovations, it became clear that this plugged-in space could be useful to businesses across a variety of industries.

So what exactly are the benefits of these new tech-enabled spaces? In short, they promote an environment wherein work can be done more reliably, flexibly, and on-the-go. Because the workspace is already “prepped for connectivity,” companies can concentrate their efforts on strategizing next steps, rather than fiddling with archaic servers. For Avatara, that doesn’t just mean that their company can run more smoothly and efficiently in the short-term — it also means that when it’s time to scale, they’ll already have the tools they need to support seamless growth.

Learn More Over Craft Beer and Conversation

If you’re part of a company looking to move into a permanent space (without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on IT), or you’re just curious about Green Street’s mission, feel free to stop by our new Market Street location on October 5 for our event, Craft Beer and Conversation: What is Tech Enabled Office Space? The event will run from 5:30-7:30, and yes — we will be serving complimentary food and beer.

To start off the event, our Managing Principle Phil Hulse will briefly discuss Green Street’s mission and the journey we undertook with this particular building. Then Rob McCormick, CEO of Avatara, will talk briefly about the experience of working with Green Street, and what they think of their new digs. At that point we’ll break off into tour groups, finishing up in Avatara’s amazing break room, where we’ll have a chance to mingle on the patio and answer your questions while enjoying some fresh brews and delicious local eats.

Avatara Break Room

Whether you’re looking for a tech-enabled space, a stylish new office, or just some professional networking opportunities, you won’t want to miss this incredible event. See you October 5!