What we do:

Real Estate

At Green Street, we approach Real Estate with decades of experience and vision for the future of St. Louis. We work as a team to find solutions to help secure your company’s success through renovations, expansions and new constructions. Over the years, we’ve worked with small companies and large corporations to find the right locations and a way to make it all work financially. Our experience includes leveraging more than $250 million in public and private equity for real estate development in the St. Louis area.

Smart investing and innovative financial solutions help secure the success of your company through growth. The Green Street Real Estate team has the experience and knowledge needed to find the most effective and efficient way to raise capital and finance your project. We act as a complete commercial brokerage offering solutions for landlord/seller representation, tenant/buyer representation and investment sales.

Our approach for our Real Estate team goes back to our goal of helping businesses grow and succeed. Sometimes that means structuring a lease that allows your business to spend less today while preparing for the future. Other times, it means finding unique revenue sources to get your project moving.

With our focus on sustainable development, our projects often open the doors for incentives and credits that can help you afford to grow. We have a successful record of not only competing for these specialty financing options, but securing them for projects in and around St. Louis. We have experience covering tax abatements, New Market Tax Credits (NMTCs), job and investment tax credits, Tax Increment Financing (TIFs) and more.

In addition to our distinctive experience in tax programs, we also have strong business relationships with key members of nearly every industry. Our roots in the area not only help us create solutions don’t always seem possible, but allow us to find additional investors for our projects.

If you’re ready to see how Green Street can help your business with real estate services from an award-winning team, contact us today.