Providing Returns for St. Louis

We create opportunities for growth.

When you look for the right situation to invest, we understand exactly what you’re trying to find: opportunity. As long-time real estate investors ourselves, we’ve heard every pitch and encountered countless chances to get involved in projects across the country. In our more than 30 years in the industry, we’ve been able to hone our approach to investing. The knowledge and experience we have gained helps us continually create success for our investors and clients.

Building on our industry expertise, we also pull from a history in the St. Louis area. By experiencing and observing change over the years, we’re able to be a part of the constant evolution of neighborhoods. For our projects, we focus on bringing together the perfect match of investors, properties and businesses – so we have to be selective in the partners and projects we take on. When you have the right people involved, it does more than make the process more efficient, it allows us to work together to make more possible for every project.

Our Process

Go forward with confidence.

At Green Street, we look for opportunities where we can help make a difference for businesses. Whether it’s a local company or a national corporation, we look for businesses built on a solid foundation. While there are plenty of companies looking to grow in St. Louis, we select our clients based on numerous factors, with a large focus on future viability. Often times, our clients are either national companies looking for local growth, industry veterans starting their own businesses or startups with impressive growth and backing. No matter the industry, we only move forward when we’re confident we can be successful.

We build green.

Green Street Construction is our own in-house construction firm that allows us to have greater control over every build as it moves from our Real Estate and Development teams to construction in the world. While every project is different, building to high, green standards allows us to deliver buildings that not only work for our clients, but also make financial sense. Many of our builds achieve award-winning LEED status, which means they operate efficiently and make a positive impact in the neighborhood. This approach places investment in the beginning that continues to add real-world value inside the building and out.

Find innovative financial solutions.

As leaders in sustainable development, we’ve also built our expertise in finding solutions to fund our projects and have a greater impact for our clients. By building green, much of our work qualifies for tax incentives and credits on the local and national levels. With our reputation and commitment to improvement, we’re able to continually secure these highly sought-after opportunities. These abatements and additional funds allow us to achieve quality results, without such a large upfront cost. Beyond the building costs, these incentives often bring down taxes and overall cost of ownership for years after completion.

Stay connected.

Whether you’re a client of ours or are investing in a Green Street project, we keep you in the loop every step of the way. Real estate comes with its own set of challenges, but we’re constantly hard at work finding solutions. As situations change, you’ll be the first to know. Working with Green Street means becoming a partner with us. We share the same goals for growth, so we take a more open approach to communication. We keep information current and when you have questions, we are always a click or phone call away. From financials to progress reports, we’re an open book.

Continue the process.

With an understanding of the way we work and the results we deliver, it’s no surprise that our investors and clients work with us time and time again. We constantly have new projects in the works, but we keep the process the same – staying true to our goals and focusing on delivering valuable results along the way.