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5 Bold Experiments in Walkability From Around the World

Walkability is a top goal for many urban planners. Discover some of the most creative pedestrian-friendly projects in St. Louis and around the globe.


Something Old and Something New: Adaptive Reuse Reinvigorates Urban Neighborhoods

Discover how adaptive reuse promotes entrepreneurial activity and diversity across urban settings. (more…)

Revitalizing Economic Development Across St. Louis, One Project at a Time

Commercial redevelopment could go a long way towards revitalizing communities in the St. Louis area.


Upgrading Commercial Buildings Unlocks New Possibilities for STL Businesses

Redesigning old buildings isn’t just more affordable — it’s also better for business.


What Can Cities Do About Light Pollution?

While light pollution has become a fact of life for urban dwellers, cities must take action to reduce its unsavory environmental effects.


UN Prioritizes Sustainable Urban Development

The United Nations works toward sustainable and eco-friendly cities for everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status.


Project Spotlight: Green Park Broadway

From rundown repair facility to LEED-certified service center, here’s how Green Street transformed the Green Park Broadway location.


Project Spotlight: Urban Chestnut Brewing Company

Here’s how Green Street helped Urban Chestnut Brewing Company grow their business while staying green.


Project Spotlight: Jefferson Commons

The Jefferson Commons redevelopment project revitalized a former food desert in the Gate District, bringing 80 new jobs and a grocery store to the neighborhood.


Project Spotlight: Page Business Center

The new Page Business Center integrates creative reuse principles with state-of-the-art sustainability features.