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Green Street’s Guests Get an Inside Look at the Armory Project

Green Street recently hosted a night of networking with St. Louis Commercial Realtors.

The movers and shakers of St. Louis commercial real estate gathered last week to explore the past, present, and future of the central corridor’s Armory District.

Guests ordered drinks from Tim Brinker, Superintendent at Green Street Construction and acting bartender for the evening, before turning their attention to Green Street’s Managing Principal Phil Hulse.



Hulse delivered a presentation unpacking the rich and complex history of the St. Louis Armory — a building that has, over the course of a century, functioned as a military training facility, a concert venue, and a sports arena. Next up for the iconic building? A mixed-use redevelopment project that will serve as a crucial link between St. Louis University to the north, the City Foundry and Cortex Innovation District to the west, and the Grove to the southwest.

Following presentation, small groups accompanied Green Street Executive Vice President Brian Pratt across the street to see the project site for themselves. Pratt led two tours of the Armory, discussing everything from the project’s planned financing to the importance of natural light in future-focused office spaces to the increasing walkability of the surrounding area.



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